This week, China’s domestic DME market was mainly subject to narrow adjustment (11.25-11.29)

I. price trend


This week, the domestic market price of dimethyl ether (Henan) slightly adjusted. At the beginning of the week, the average price of domestic dimethyl ether (Henan) market was 2960 yuan / ton, and at the end of the week, the average price was 2950 yuan / ton, with a drop of 0.38% in the week, 25.06% lower than the same period last year.


II. Market analysis


Product: the transaction atmosphere of methyl ether (Henan) market on Tuesday was flat. As of November 29, such devices as Yutai in Hebei, Huitong in Lankao, Henan, and Shanxi Lanhua science and Technology Co., Ltd. had been shut down for maintenance, and no quotation was made temporarily; the DME device in Xinyuan, Yima, Henan had failed, and no quotation was made temporarily. The ex factory price of Shengxin dimethyl ether is 2940 yuan / ton in Qinyang, Henan, 2960 yuan / ton in xinlianxin Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., 3130 yuan / ton in Hebei Jichun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., 3000 yuan / ton in Dezhou shengdeyuan, Shandong and 3100 yuan / ton in Shandong.


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Dimethyl ether market rose first and then fell, slightly adjusted, and the operating rate of this week was lower than that of last week. Cost methanol rose slightly, while liquefied gas rose steadily, with a relatively strong trend, supporting the DME market. Methanol rose slightly at the beginning of the week, while dimethyl ether followed. However, the market terminal demand has some influence on the price of DME, and then Henan xinlianxin implemented the two-day minimum guarantee policy. The market was favorable with limited support, and the price fell later. But at present, local profits are close to costs, and manufacturers have no intention of deep decline. Some manufacturers stop to stock, the market supply decreases, and the price gradually stabilizes.


Industry: according to the price monitoring of the business agency, in the 46th week of 2019 (11.18-11.22), there are seven commodities in the list of commodity prices rising and falling, among which the top three commodities are MTBE (2.05%), WTI crude oil (1.49%) and dimethyl ether (1.32%). There are 5 kinds of commodities falling on a month on month basis, and the top 3 products are petroleum coke (- 3.18%), liquefied natural gas (- 1.51%) and asphalt (- 0.59%). This week’s average was 0.17%.


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III. future forecast


According to DME analysts of business club, at present, the demand for DME terminal continues to be poor. Although the price has a small rise, it has limited support for the market. Liquefied gas has a small rise under the boost of CP in December, which has certain support for the market. At present, the profit is close to the cost, and the manufacturers are willing to support the market. It is expected that the future market may rise steadily in the short term.

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