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Domestic castor oil prices this week, weekly average price 11509 yuan / ton

India this week outside castor oil prices, New Year approaching, domestic castor oil market in general, sales line, inventory is low, some manufacturers to stop production holiday, castor oil price stability. Castor oil is quoted in the mainstream 11000-12000 yuan / ton.

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In January 20th, the normal operation of Inner Mongolia Tianrun castor Development Co. Ltd. India industrial production device, castor oil’s price for 11500 yuan / ton (including tax), normal construction, sales, price stability. Zibo Zhoucun Ming Tung Chemical castor oil price stability, industrial grade castor oil (grade one) ex factory price of 11000 yuan / ton (including tax), the weak market demand, sales, inventory amount. Nanjing Qianyue chemical refining level of castor oil price stability, price is 11000 yuan / ton, the domestic demand for castor oil is also OK, general sales. Wenshui the Yellow River County Oil Company Limited industrial grade refined castor oil price is 11300 yuan / ton, manufacturers of normal production, sales, price stability. Xinji City Han Sen plant oil, castor oil prices remain stable, the price of a product of refined net 11600 yuan / ton, factory sales, less inventory, normal production.

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This week the castor oil market price stability, recently domestic castor oil manufacturers sales line, market demand, WaiPan prices rise, the exchange rate, but the year is approaching, the majority of manufacturers to wait and see, the market outlook is expected to price stability of castor oil.

In January 19th the domestic n-butanol Market Overview

Finance it is understood that the recent domestic n-butanol market as a whole to discuss the atmosphere more active, cost pressures will increase and some manufacturers, downstream factories before stocking will slightly better, the market turnover improved.

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In January 19th the domestic n-butanol market overview:

The domestic market a slight increase in butanol, today the mainstream manufacturers generally increase 100 yuan / ton.

Mainstream market in Shandong 6100-6200 yuan / ton.

At the mainstream market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang plate 6300-6400 yuan / ton.

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Shandong lihuayi n-butanol products offer temporary stability, 6000-6100 yuan / ton; the plant annual production capacity of 85 thousand tons, a device operating rate of 6 percent, low inventory.

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Market summary: overall ample supply at present. With the Spring Festival approaching, the market is expected to the atmosphere will gradually fade, the downstream movement of raw materials continue to wait and see.

In 2017 the domestic excess refining capacity or will be more serious

Although there is no substantial growth, the 2017 new year since international oil prices remained at $55, but if the Brent crude oil futures prices, compared to 2016 rose nearly $22 a barrel at the beginning of the year. From the industry point of view, pessimism facing the 2017 oil industry obviously compared to 2016 to ease a lot.

On the one hand, OPEC members continue to be exposed to cut news;

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On the other hand, the United States is increasing the number of oil shale. Although compared to last year’s low, crude oil prices actually rose a lot, but for a large company legislator who, 2017 investment expansion will still not strong. In addition, liquefied natural gas (LNG) will usher in a much wider range of excess supply is also a important variable in 2017 or.

In fact, OPEC, shale oil and LNG like three huge undercurrent, the “fighting game” a situation of tripartite confrontation will determine the price trend in 2017.

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In January 17th, BP’s chief executive, to the media said that this year the company’s annual investment remained below $17 billion, compared to $6 billion less 2014. The company in 2016 and finally out of the “Gulf of Mexico” quagmire, since the end of last year in the assets invested more than 4 billion dollars.

While the national producers in this round of rebound in oil prices played a very important role, in December last year, the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and 11 countries reached an agreement to cut output, although the implementation of this agreement is to be audited, but many countries have begun to implement, and has certain effect in the market.

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For Chinese, oil and gas market ushered in a more uncertain year in 2017 will be. “Compared to 2016 2017, there will be tens of millions of tons of the refinery production.” Anxunsi Chinese research director Li Li told reporters. In addition to the new capacity, refined oil wholesale market price war.

The decision to implement the lower limit of oil production

At present, the domestic mainstream market operators have turned the crash mode of methanol, for example, Inner Mongolia fell 230-280 yuan / ton, East China fell 80-100 yuan / ton, Shandong fell 190-260 yuan / ton, down in other areas, local.

The traditional downstream not to provide enough support for the methanol market:

PGA 30%

At present, formaldehyde, dimethyl ether, acetic acid, two MTBE started as a whole were 30%, 20%, 80%, 50%, olefin started around 70-80%, the Spring Festival approaching, the majority of traditional downstream enterprises or will from the city, methanol demand will continue to weaken, the price will continue to fall.

People familiar with the market all know, the domestic methanol plummeted almost is about to start from mid December 2016. At that time, methanol imports profit has been narrowed to a few yuan from hundreds of yuan, import enthusiasm will decline, and support domestic methanol prices.

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Through the above analysis can be found, the fundamentals of methanol is entering the “market freeze” period. At the end of a traditional downstream weakening, and the slowdown in the domestic olefins started as a whole; on the other hand, haze, snow and other special weather areas contain mainland Sinotrans goods cycle longer, take the goods inside the enthusiasm is not high, how to digest inventory based.

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According to the signs that, years ago, the domestic methanol market prices will continue to decline. However, years after the return, with the downstream replenishment emotional drive, commodity market or periodic callback, methanol will be rising trend.

Glyphosate light storage plan to start the foreign trade market weak purchasing intention

with China’s agricultural industry development, the use of herbicides for weed control by farmers more and more.

Not long ago, the safety and environmental protection problems such as paraquat herbicide and pesticide use is restricted to zero growth policy implementation, brings many challenges and changes to the future development of herbicide.

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Bring the chain reaction of paraquat delisting crisis

In recent years, China has become the world’s largest pesticide producer and exporter. Herbicide resistance problem has become a serious problem in our country must pay attention to the. Paraquat delisting, as one of the successor of glyphosate since entering January, the country entered the period of light storage.

Some experts said that the next period of time, the pesticide industry will gradually break through the existing mode of marketing and development, realize the organic integration of new industry with the traditional way, enrich the development mode of market operation.

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At present, domestic enterprises in China pesticide registration up to more than 2 thousand and 100, which including 675 enterprises, more than 2 thousand enterprises in preparation; sales of 100 million yuan and below up to more than 1800, most of the enterprises the main product category is single, economic strength and anti risk ability is weak. In 2015 the domestic preparation of the top 10 sales total sales of 9 billion 74 million yuan, the total output value of domestic pesticide use market according to the estimate of 40 billion yuan, the market concentration (CR10) of only about 23%, which belongs to the excessive competition in the industry. Over the years, the industry, scattered and weak characteristics significantly.

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The main export varieties of Chinese pesticide glyphosate ranked first

Although in recent years in China pesticide market recession, but there is still a considerable part of pesticide products export sales, according to the relevant departments of statistics, as of 2016 China’s top 10 pesticide export volume has been officially released.

“The oil is in the global supply and demand rebalancing process

“The oil is in the global supply and demand rebalancing process, $40 / barrel bottom has been proven, in the OPEC agreement to cut output and consumption in the demand for rigid support, the bottom oil prices in 2017 will gradually rise, but the US shale oil and oil prices rose to restart or limit. Oil prices are expected in 50 to 75 U.S. dollars / barrel interval operation.” Hengtai chemical energy futures analyst Yu Tianbing said.

PGA 30%

What is the main logic of methanol market operation in 2017?

How to supply the story will be staged? The first important point is: to admit the supply-demand balance now measure the domestic methanol market has been gradually transformed into the national market as the center of East China market. In 2017 the methanol will also be launched around this centre, to seek a new balance between demand and supply of the main source of new.

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The time difference between the 2017 domestic methanol supply and demand exists, or after the first strong weak trend, the overall price of methanol will move the center of gravity to 2600 yuan / ton, the upper limit is MTO device profit effect, the first pressure or in 3000 yuan / ton, second pressure in 3500 yuan / ton, the cost of supporting under consideration is expected in 2200 2300 yuan / ton range.

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“The oil center of gravity, the cost of supporting the olefin enhanced, while the downstream products and terminal demand good performance, the industry overall inventories remain low, the continuation of the 2017 restocking market, but the continuous release of new capacity or limit or PP, see above 11000 yuan / ton, LLDPE above 12000 yuan / ton.” Yu Tianbing believes that in the crude oil driven by the increase in the overall cost of downstream chemicals. At the same time, the industry overall inventory is low, is expected to start restocking market. Specifically, all varieties of target: PTA on 7000 yuan / ton, methanol reached 3500 yuan / ton, asphalt is expected to reach 3500 yuan / ton.

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Industry insiders bluntly, the most likely impact for natural rubber supply. Because of the weather factors, leading to the reduced supply of rubber. From the output data, in 2016 the vast majority of gum in yield than in 2015 dropped to a certain extent. Some countries, such as India, Malaysia, in the years of low yield.