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The fourth quarter bisphenol A market will continue around the supply and demand side

In 2017, China’s total production capacity of bisphenol A was 1.44 million tons / year, with no additional capacity increase. But for the first three quarters, as shown below, this year, a single bisphenol A domestic supply were higher than the level of the same period last year. Although the third quarter of the domestic bisphenol A device maintenance is more concentrated, but compared with the same period last year, the output is still showing a significant increase. It is calculated that the third quarter of domestic supply of bisphenol A is about 268,000 tons, an increase of 68,000 tons over the same period last year, an increase of 34%.

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From the market point of view, the third quarter of this year, the domestic trend of bisphenol A compared with the same period last year also performed differently. Can be seen from the figure below, the third quarter of last year, domestic bisphenol A market showed a gradual upward trend, and this year did not appear obvious rally, the market as a whole within a narrow range of shocks. This year the main downstream epoxy resin enterprises affected by environmental protection, safety supervision factors obvious, so even in the domestic bisphenol A factory maintenance is more concentrated under the premise of the market fundamentals of the game still let the market supply side to prevail.

It is noteworthy that the current mainstream in east China bisphenol A market prices compared with the same period last year coincidence, the market reference talks in 9450-9500 yuan / ton. And follow-up market trends and whether to continue with last year, there are still many uncertainties. Looking ahead, the domestic bisphenol A market will continue to focus on supply and demand side.

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From the supply side, the fourth quarter of the domestic bisphenol A unit maintenance program has ended, the domestic factory will maintain a relatively stable start level. And in October the Korean part of the bisphenol A plant planned parking maintenance, the domestic bisphenol A spot is expected to reduce the market, the overall spot resources will maintain a relatively stable state, there is no sharp decline in the expected. From the downstream demand, the epoxy resin, the demand for follow-up has become the norm of this year’s normal, followed by environmental protection efforts will not be reduced, combined with the “eighteen” held or will continue to affect the North China epoxy resin start, So the subsequent demand for resin is expected to maintain the current level or in the existing level of slightly just need to increase the amount of this year, the development of epoxy resin business is difficult to understand the reality we should learn rational, dialectical Of the treatment. For another downstream PC, Yantai Wanhua 70,000 tons / year PC device can be put into operation is bound to become the fourth quarter of the downstream demand for bisphenol A focus, if the device started smoothly, I believe for the follow-up bisphenol A market demand and the majority The mentality of the people will inject a needle “tonic”! From the raw material point of view, compared to last year, this year the raw material phenol ketone for the impact of bisphenol A has been weakened, the trend of late phenol also need to pay attention to the supply and demand side with.