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Hainan, a hazardous wharf explosion in a ship engine room 1 dead and 1 missing

daily On the evening of 20 Dongfang City of Hainan Province eight Hong Kong hazardous wharf ship exploded, 1 people were killed and 1 people missing.
According to reports, 20, 13 PM, a Guangdong Dongguan Feng Sea Shipping Co. Ltd. rich oil 8 ship naphtha in the territory of East eight port of loading dock dangerous chemicals (chemical light oil) in the process of the cabin explosion. Oriental Fire Brigade after receiving the alarm immediately dispatched 9 fire trucks were 50 professional firefighters rushed to the scene of the accident rescue.

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The ship has 17 crew trapped, firefighters arrived at the scene immediately after the rescue of the trapped crew. The success of the 16 rescue crew from the ship, of which 1 people died in the hospital, 3 injured personnel have been transferred to the provincial hospital, 10 officers were slightly injured being treated in the east city people’s Hospital, 5 of them wounded after checking no problem has been discharged, 2 crew members were not injured, there are 1 people missing.
In the rescue of trapped persons after the fire brigade after the scene investigation to the cabin with 60 tons of fuel, 3400 tons of naphtha after the specific circumstances to carry out rescue work.

Two reasons: the international competition really will become high

Two reasons: the international competition really will become high

China fertilizer exports both FOB and CIF belong to domestic low levels, such as tariffs canceled, it is only to deepen the international fertilizer prices low, the actual significance is not too high; in addition, with the development of the international fertilizer market, a major importer of self-sufficiency rate is gradually increased, such as the India native diammonium, domestic production over the same period last year there has been a significant increase, and Chinese potash self-sufficiency rate from 30% the previous year rose to 50%, from the trend, the international fertilizer market actual demand is gradually reduced, which is the elimination of tariffs, domestic production capacity release rate and can not achieve the desired state.

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Three reasons: such as tariffs canceled, the old enterprises with high energy consumption can be a stirring among the dry bones. Even if it were to achieve the desired before two, but because of tying and untying export policy, some of the high consumption and low energy enterprises will once again put into production, which launched the “zero increase the amount of fertilizer in 2020 against the” plan for the domestic capacity to complete the earlier period, the time will be delayed again.

Cancel the export tariff for the current stage of the enterprise, is indeed a good, but the most prominent domestic fertilizer market is still the homogenization of products and product overcapacity, weak competition, such problems can not be solved, the cancellation of tariff is only an ineffectual remedy.

In fact, the abolition of tariffs and can not completely cure the domestic situation

In fact, the abolition of tariffs and can not completely cure the domestic situation

One reason: the elimination of tariffs, import traders lower prices

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The main exports of domestic fertilizer for urea and diammonium phosphate, based on the very capacity surplus in the background, the domestic fertilizer prices again and again forced to make concessions on price, with diammonium phosphate as an example, now 64% Chinese intention in the $305 FOB diammonium / ton, equivalent to Hong Kong price of 1880 yuan / ton, assuming that China cancelled tariffs to Hong Kong price 1980 yuan / ton, still lower than the average cost of domestic and foreign will further diammonium, lower prices, according to the Convention, China was forced to accept a higher likelihood of lower prices, gradually eroded, return to 1880 yuan / ton times is possible.

The recent chlor alkali plant operating rates remain high

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The recent chlor alkali plant operating rates remain high, the downstream chlorine consuming products mainly just need to market prices at low levels of chlorine.

The recent downstream chlorine consuming products demand is stable, the device starts to maintain high chlorine, chlorine in inventory backlog serious, the contradiction between supply and demand is still in the field of liquid chlorine, chlorine next week, market prices will remain low.

Next week, the market price will remain low level liquid chlorine

This week, the domestic market price trend of liquid chlorine xianyanghouyi overall decline this week, the trend of liquid chlorine. The recent unitoperahon remain high, liquid chlorine spot trend this week before, at the beginning of the week in Shandong by the environmental impact investigation, chlorine market prices sharply higher, with the spot behind the increase in supply of liquid chlorine market price fell sharply, the overall market this week, the trend of decline in liquid chlorine. At present, Shandong province chlorine market price negotiations for the mainstream 100-200 yuan / ton, adequate supply of the liquid chlorine, chlorine market prices low volatility, Hebei province chlorine talks mainstream 150-250 yuan / ton, Gansu and northwest chlorine market prices remain 400-500 yuan / ton, Henan area price for 100-200 yuan / ton, Jiangsu area in the mainstream discourse 200-300 yuan / ton, Anhui area to discuss the mainstream of the 300 yuan / ton, the market prices fell slightly.

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This week, crude salt market prices, domestic crude production overcapacity, by the end of the week crude price is 221 yuan / ton, the price of crude salt market has been at a low level, crude salt market prices for the lower reaches of the chlor alkali industry has a supporting role, but the market price is less affected by chlorine salt market; prices of downstream products of methane chloride in dichloromethane as increase the supply of the impact of lower prices, chloroform prices this week rose, methane chloride reduced demand for chlorine, chlorine market goods poor, lower prices this week after chlorine. Epoxy propane manufacturers on-demand procurement, this week propylene market prices decline, the upstream chlorine market formed a certain negative impact. PVC prices, the market price for a certain good chlorine, chlorine this week the market price by poor market prices affect shipment.

Benzene market has been a high level consolidation, Sinopec listed benzene implementation of 5300 yuan / ton

Benzene market has been a high level consolidation, Sinopec listed benzene implementation of 5300 yuan / ton. The phenol downstream demand in general, the National Day holiday after the downstream demand inquiry, but because of the high price of phenol and the Shandong environmental protection limited. The domestic bisphenol A equipment operating 72%; other downstream demand to the procurement of coking phenol.

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Next week when clearing, the downstream procurement is poor, lack of confidence in the market, the manufacturers are expected to weaken phenol deposit, downward pressure.

The downstream procurement late phenol deposit is expected to weaken the poor

domestic phenol market weakness, traders slightly lower, industry outlook lack of confidence, holding the goods selling price lower loose, do not buy or buy up the mood is obvious, maintenance device this week has been gradually restored, domestic demand is limited, over the weekend the factory price of 7705.56 yuan / ton, this week by 0.14%, compared to the same period last year rose 37.8%. At present, the East China market price in 7250-7300 yuan / ton, Shandong and the surrounding areas of Yanshan, the listing price guide, trader 50-100 shipment upside down.

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Local time on October 17th the German BASF butanol device because of explosion accident of parking

Local time on October 17th the German BASF butanol device because of explosion accident of parking, coincidentally the week domestic n-butanol factory in October 18th raised the offer, in the range of 100 yuan / ton; the industry believes that the German BASF explosion is a good support for the Chinese n-butanol market, contributed to the market price of Chinese butanol. At present, Shandong mainstream manufacturers offer in 5800 yuan / ton; Jiangsu and Zhejiang market offer in 5850-5950 yuan / ton, maintain the downstream users just need to purchase, the market active atmosphere dull.

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The strong growth of the dollar, forcing traders to take profits on Thursday (October 20th) WTI; December crude oil futures prices fell $1.19, to $50.63 / barrel. December Brent crude oil futures fell $1.29 to $51.38 a barrel. During the week, drag in the epoxy propane propylene market, the mainstream price down 100 yuan / ton, but the overall market sentiment is propylene, the industry is not too short.

The industry believes that if the BASF explosion effect of long time alcohol device long-term parking, do not rule out the China export n-butanol supporting the European market. Part of raw materials, propylene oxide plant equipment maintenance bring a certain negative impact to propylene market, refinery shipments will have none; downstream factory shipments of raw materials of butanol butyl slow cooling industry purchasing enthusiasm, maintain the current demand procurement. The market is expected next week butanol sideways, offer to go hard.

Next week the market offer go sideways butanol Kennedy

this week domestic n-butanol market offer the overall focus of an upward trend, the week of the Shandong area mainstream manufacturers offer increased 100 to 5800 yuan / ton, Jiangsu and Zhejiang market offer 5850-5950 yuan / ton; as of Friday (October 21st) business agency sample average 5810 yuan / ton, at the beginning of the week is 5715 yuan / ton up 1.66% to three months for a cycle or 23.62%.

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Wanhua chemical n-butanol device in September 20th parking maintenance, the recent plan to restart, during maintenance to ensure maximum customer supply contract manufacturers in Ludwigshafen; Germany’s BASF butanol production capacity of 450 thousand tons / year week parking device.

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Product Name :PGA 30%
Chemical Name : Poly-L-glutamic acid
CAS No : 25513-46-6
Details : PGA 30% CAS No: 25513-46-6 Molecular formula: (C5H9NO4)x Molecular weight: 147.129

Application field Product type Biochemical functionality
Food industry Thickener/Stabilizer Viscosity enhancement for liquid products
Texture enhancer Texture improvement for bakery products and noodles
Animal feed supplement Facilitating minerals absorption, improving bone growth, egg-shell strength, and albumin firmness, decreasing body fat
Health-care Nutrition supplement Facilitating calcium absorption, improving osteoporosis conditions
Medical treatment Controlled release drug carrier, medical bondage Biocompatible carrier for cancer drug, gene therapy
Cosmetics Moisturizer Improving skin-care quality, reducing skin wrinkle conditions
Water treatment Heavy metal absorbent Removal of heavy metals and radionuclide
Wastewater treatment Biopolymer flocculants Substitute for polyacrylamide or PAC
Agriculture Increase the quality and quantity of plants, Soil improvement, Seed coating Inhibitor, anti-pathogen,

High water absorbent


gamma-PGA and its derivatives can be widely used in the food industry, cosmetics, health care,water treatment, hygienic products, medical and other fields.