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The United States investigate the domestic rare earth resources, to get rid of dependence on China

US media said the US Department of Energy announced a pilot project to investigate the US domestic rare earth resources. The move was at least welcomed by a US congressman.

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According to the Voice of America website June 20 reported that rare earth resources are elements of the periodic table looks very inconspicuous elements, but for electronic manufacturing, military equipment and some medical care is essential.

According to Pennsylvania’s Republican Congressman Lu Balletta, the US supply of rare earth resources, 100% from China.

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The House of Representatives said that China’s rare earth reserves ranks first in the world. These elements, including yttrium, scandium, neodymium and cerium, can be extracted in a variety of ways, including the remaining material from coal mining.

The US Department of Energy said it would invest $ 6.9 million to study the way to extract rare earths and produce these ingredients in the United States.

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Balletta said that one of the facilities under construction was near Jamaica’s Jedo Coal Mine in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

Other locations of interest to the DOE project include Albany, Georgia, Tuscarusa, Alabama, and Bruffield at the junction of Virginia and West Virginia.

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President Barleta said the project was a matter of national security in the United States. If the United States can develop its own rare earth elements, military and medical departments do not need to rely on China.