This week, aniline enterprises cut prices for shipment (November 25-29)

I. price trend


According to a large number of data on the list of business agencies, this week’s price reduction of aniline in Shandong region and Nanjing region promoted shipment. Last Friday, the market price of aniline in Shandong was 6680-6700 yuan / ton, while that in Nanjing was 7000 yuan / ton. On Friday, the market price of aniline in Shandong Province was 6500 yuan / ton, down 2.84% from last week, while that in Nanjing was 6900 yuan / ton, down 1.43% from last week.


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II. Analysis and comment


Raw materials: port stocks of pure benzene rose slightly this week, but the impact was not significant. The market of pure benzene is weak, and the weak situation continues in a week. At present, the listing price is 5250-5351 yuan / ton.


Product: at the beginning of this week, a 100000 ton aniline plant was shut down in Jinling, with a slight decrease in supply. However, the overall inventory of enterprises is on the high side, and enterprises continue to reduce prices to promote shipment.


III. future expectation


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Raw materials: weak downstream demand for pure benzene will still restrict the recovery of the market. It is predicted that the short-term pure benzene market is difficult to return to temperature, and the weak operation is the main one.


The downstream demand is general, which is difficult to boost the aniline Market. It is expected that aniline will continue to operate weakly and stably next week.

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