Potassium nitrate Market was volatile and consolidated this week (12.02-12.06)

I. price trend


According to the data monitored by the business agency, the price of domestic potassium nitrate fluctuated and consolidated this week. This week, the price of domestic industrial grade first-class potassium nitrate was 4350.00 yuan / ton, and the current price was 5.43% lower than last year.


II. Market analysis


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Product: this week, the domestic potassium nitrate Market was in a shock consolidation, with a general trading atmosphere and a general downstream demand. It was in a stable period of consumption, with a relatively stable supply and demand, and the market was in a consolidation state. In addition, the overall downstream demand is general, the inventory is relatively sufficient, the rising power is insufficient, and the price is mainly stable. This week, the price change is not big. The domestic mainstream potassium nitrate manufacturers offer 4200-4500 yuan / ton.


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III. future forecast


Potassium nitrate analyst of business association thinks: this week, the market of potassium nitrate is volatile and consolidated, but the demand side purchase is general. It is expected that the demand of potassium nitrate will not be greatly improved in the short term, and the market may be consolidated and operated.


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