Prices of raw materials have stabilized and plasticizers are under great pressure in the future market.

Price Trend

According to the monitoring data of business associations, DOP prices rose sharply in early and mid September. Since late September, DOP prices fluctuated steadily and plasticizer prices tended to stabilize. As of September 29, the price of DOP in East China was 7950.00 yuan/ton, up 8.41% from 7 333.33 yuan/ton on September 1, and down 15.72% from the same period last year. DOP prices tended to be stable from a sharp rise to shock, and began to decline slightly at the end of September. The downward pressure of DOP increased after the market.

II. Market Analysis

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In September, DOP’s external quotation rose sharply, and DOP’s market was good. In September, the price of DOP external disc in China rose sharply, but in late September, the price of DOP external disc was 970.00 yuan/ton, which declined slightly. In Southeast Asia, the price of DOP external disc was 1200 dollars/ton on September 27. The price of DOP external disc rose sharply, and the price of plasticizer DOP external disc rose sharply. The start-up rate of DOP equipment in plasticizer enterprises maintained, overall. The market of plasticizer DOP has weakened.

Analysis of Industrial Chain

In terms of raw materials, the price trend of DOP raw material phthalic anhydride rose sharply in September, the price of octanol rose slightly, the overall cost of DOP rose sharply, the pressure of DOP rose sharply, and the price of DOP rose sharply. However, with the slow growth of DOP raw materials, the prices of phthalic anhydride and octanol fell slightly in different ranges at the end of September, and the momentum of DOP post-market rise weakened, and the pressure of decline increased.


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In terms of downstream demand, the recent volatility of PVC market adjusted in September, rising first and then falling. Since late September, the volatility of PVC prices has fallen. Downstream PVC market shocks fell, overall DOP market in the future negative, DOP downward pressure increased.

3. Future Market Forecast

Bai Jiaxin, a DOP data analyst, believes that in September, DOP prices rose sharply due to the sharp rise in raw material prices and the revival of the PVC market, the rise in DOP costs, the rise in demand for DOP, the rise in DOP prices and the sharp rise in DOP prices. Since late September, the price of DOP raw material phthalic anhydride and isooctanol has stabilized, and there has been a slight fluctuation drop, which is negative for DOP market. At the same time, the demand for downstream PVC is not good, and the price fluctuation has decreased, which has increased DOP downward pressure. Although DOP cost is still high and the space for decline is limited, the downward trend of plasticizer DOP market has now been realized. Plasticizer market downward pressure increased. DOP market is expected to fall slightly in the future.

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