Narrow volatility in China’s ethanol market (9.16-9.20)

Price Trend

This week, the domestic ethanol market has a narrow fluctuation. According to the monitoring data of business associations, the price of domestic ethanol market was 5414 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week, 5400 yuan/ton at the weekend. The price of domestic ethanol market fell by 0.26% during the week, rising by 0.37% annually, and falling by 2.99% compared with the same period last year.

II. Market Analysis

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Products: This week, the domestic alcohol market fluctuated slightly in some areas, and returned to the northeast after the festival. This week, the quotation of enterprises was stable, the enterprises executed more contracts and orders, the inventory situation of enterprises was still acceptable, and the market performance was stable. The production of enterprises in Henan was stable, the shipment situation of enterprises was improved, and the market price was rising. This week, the price of the region remained stable, the production of threol plant, the downstream ethyl acetate plant returned to normal, basically maintained just in need of purchase; Haiying and Luocheng Chao devices of molasses alcohol production enterprises in South China were normal, supported by good supply side, prices remained firm, cassava alcohol enterprise shipment mentality was positive, the price was small. In Guangdong Province, the supply of goods is stable. Lower prices are available downstream. Local enterprises maintain a small supply. Market prices are kept in order. There is a phenomenon of low prices in anhydrous areas.

Industry chain: Upstream, corn: corn prices fluctuate little. Recent market arrivals are general. Processing enterprises wait for new maize to be listed in North China. They consume more part of the inventory and the market price fluctuates little. Due to the insufficient supply of maize and the weak growth of demand, we expect that the overall price of maize will continue to decline steadily, moderately and weakly in the near future, and the market trend will be weaker in September. After the closure of the auction in October and the “gap period” before the new season of Maize in the main northern production areas will be concentrated on the market, the price of maize will be periodic. Upward space.

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In terms of downstream ethyl acetate, the domestic ethyl acetate Market is weak this week. After the Mid-Autumn Festival, the domestic suppliers started to work steadily, and the new Taixing Jinjiang plant has entered the operational stage. The market supply is sufficient. Considering the stock pressure of the National Day in the later period, some ethyl acetate suppliers voluntarily let profits to ship and push the market transaction to go one after another. Low. In the short term, the air is still clear in the market, the downstream demand is stable, the market supply is increasing, and the situation of oversupply is more obvious. Considering the transportation and inventory of ethyl acetate during the later National Day, it is expected that the domestic market of ethyl acetate will remain weak in the near future.

3. Future Market Forecast

Corn alcohol raw materials have been listed one after another, the cost is negative, the enterprise equipment remains basically stable, orders continue to be executed, and the short-term market is expected to remain in order; cassava alcohol raw material prices are difficult to have a significant downward trend, cost pressure is difficult to ease in the short term, a small number of start-up enterprises, downstream to maintain rigidity. It is expected that the market will be stable in the short term and the price of molasses alcohol will remain firm in the short term, supported by the favorable supply. Ethanol analysts at business associations expect the alcohol market to be stable and small before National Day.

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