China’s Domestic BDO Market Disadvantaged Downward on January 22

Price Trend
According to the sample data monitored by business associations, as of January 22, the average price of domestic BDO market was 10,087 yuan/ton, which was 9.47% lower than that of the previous year.

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II. Market Analysis

Products: Domestic BDO market is weak downward. The downstream demand is weak, the market fundamentals are general, the mindset of the traders is weak, some traders have closed the market, the atmosphere of market negotiations on the eve of the Spring Festival is light, and the follow-up is not good. It is expected that the short-term BDO market will still be dominated by weak consolidation. In terms of price, the mainstream offer in East China and North China is 9600-10000 yuan/ton, the real unit price is 9300-9500 yuan/ton, and the barreler negotiates 10300-10500 yuan/ton. South China offers 9600-10000 yuan/ton, real unit price 9300-9600 yuan/ton, barreler bargaining price 10300-10600 yuan/ton.

On the market side, the BDO market in North China declined slightly. The overall fluctuation of market supply and demand is not large, downstream purchasing intention is near the low end, high interest in receiving goods is limited, sellers’quotations are stable, merchants replenish goods on demand, and large orders are limited. The BDO market in East China declined narrowly. Active inquiries downstream less, more to maintain just need to take goods, factory shipments are not smooth to make more concessions, buy more to suppress, on-site high-end source shipments are not smooth, negotiations tend to be low. The market of BDO in South China is weak. Downstream still maintained on-demand delivery, on-site actual single volume is general, middlemen tend to low prices and fast delivery, negotiation interval continues to decline.

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Industry chain: In terms of raw materials, the calcium carbide Market in Northeast China has a steady trend. The downstream enterprise purchases the first-class carbide and delivers it at the price of 3000-3025 yuan/ton. The arrival of goods in this area is still acceptable, most of them are ready to use and pick up, and they are more wait-and-see mindset.

3. Future Market Forecast

Just need to deal with the main; downstream inadequate start-up, low production and marketing. Business agency BDO analysts predict that short-term weak operation of the BDO market is dominant.

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