This week the market slightly lower potassium chloride (2.6-2.10)

his week potassium chloride market prices will remain stable trend, the potassium chloride market mainstream offer price at 1944 yuan / ton.

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Product: this week the potassium chloride market prices remain strong, the overall market performance is relatively light, although the emergence of downstream order phenomenon, but a wait-and-see attitude are not new single turnover. The shipment of domestic potassium eased slightly, various regions have different degrees of volume, Saline Lake group 60% station grain price in 1970 yuan / ton. The port, in the absence of demand to support the case, some traders realized psychological enhancement, resulting in prices slightly loose, 62% White Russian basic potassium in 2050-2080 yuan / ton, 60% Russian red potassium prices in 1960-1980 yuan / ton, a single on the actual.

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Downstream industry chain: fertilizer plant devices continue to back production, the manufacturer of the whole device starts into about 5. The market demand gradually started, the market order enthusiasm slowly improved, operation support strong market to a certain extent.

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Market forecast

At present, the major port dealer sales release, the venue can sell sufficient supply. Is expected in the short term price of potassium chloride will be relaxed.

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