Agricultural packaging waste into farmland pollution “bomb”

But after the southern mountain area of farmland in silence, looking around, there is no shelter grass green rice production, years of accumulated under the agricultural packaging waste pollution shocking. Ditch, pesticide bottles scattered messy, ridge next to no plastic tray burn free packing, wind projections, a small pile of herbicide bag was Roll Heaven, the air floated strange smell.

PGA 30%

“A year grain seedling using County tens of millions of millions of bags, pesticide bottles, many are thrown in the fields, become a ‘bomb’ pollution!” recently, “Economic Reference News” in an interview with reporters in Hunan and other major agricultural province, many cadres and the masses, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, seedling such as agricultural new varieties to improve agricultural production efficiency emerge in an endless stream, at the same time, also increased the amount of agricultural packaging waste. The recovery system is not perfect, such as the old seedling tray, pesticide bottles, bags and other pesticides was largely abandoned in the fields, resulting in farmland pollution is becoming more complex, not all old waste, pollution and new arrival, makes the heart sick.

To improve the efficiency of agricultural upgrade

poly gamma glutamic acid

When the Southern farmers plowing agricultural reserve stage, with Hunan County of Hengyang agricultural supply, large grain of Liu Cuiqing believes that the past agricultural variety, supply shortages often, these problems are now gone for ever, ample supply of agricultural means of production, and agricultural upgrade, new varieties are more and more, brings convenience to agricultural production.

He said that with the seedling as an example, before or in the fields of direct seeding, either in nursery seedlings after transplanting to field in manual transplanting. Direct sowing while saving time and labor, but not a strong seedlings, encountered “unusually cold spell” cold dew wind “, will lead to a large area of dead seedlings. Nursery seedlings can improve the survival rate of seedlings, but the method is too traditional, time-consuming and laborious. In recent years, the tray is popularized, seedling raising process less cumbersome, seedling quality is guaranteed, the survival rate is greatly improved, also convenient for transplanting and throwing, save a lot of manpower.

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Compared with the past, pesticide varieties are more and more. In the city of Xiangtan agricultural market, dealer Peng Jianlai said vividly before pesticide varieties, the toxicity is too large, the idea is similar to the farmers’ pesticide insecticide would rather kill one thousand, you can not let go of a”. In recent years, the wrong idea gradually reversed, according to the types of diseases and insect pests, pesticides are generally divided into a subdivision, insecticides, fungicides, acaricides, nematicides, rodenticides, defoliants, herbicides, plant growth regulators and other categories.

Peng Jianlai told reporters, each class consists of many types of pesticides, pesticides now common on the market about 100 kinds of pesticides, pesticide refinement, farmers are more targeted, more efficient and less pesticide, pesticide residues.

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With all kinds of economic crop acreage increased, the plastic film is also a large number of entering the field of agricultural production, some become plastic, some become greenhouse film, popular with farmers welcome. Xiangtan County farmers Hu Xiaocheng told reporters that the film can maintain soil moisture, improve soil temperature, prevent pests and microorganisms can grow crops, in season vegetables, from the economic point of view, these bring a good agricultural economic accounts.

The old did not go to the new sewage and sewage

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