Market price of bisphenol A continues to rise in a wide range

After the festival, bisphenol A is on the fast track, reaching a new high day by day. On the 23rd, the market of bisphenol A Rose fiercely, making another good performance. According to the monitoring data of the business community, the market offer on February 23 has reached 23200-24000 yuan / ton, and it is heard that the high level does have a real deal. As far as the current price is concerned, some downstream companies are under great pressure. However, in view of the order production, they have to catch up with high procurement. At present, the supply of bisphenol a market is limited, and the supply pressure of traders is not big. In the short term, the high level of bisphenol A is stable, and the downward expectation is not big. The business community expects that the bisphenol a market will continue to operate high today, with the offer range of 23500-24500 yuan / ton.

Azodicarbonamide (AC foaming Agent)


The raw material side continued to rise, and phenol entered a rising state on the first working day after the festival, with an increase of 1500 yuan / ton so far. In the morning of the 23rd, Lihua yiweiyuan continued to rise by 500 yuan / ton and implemented 8300 yuan / ton. There is no doubt that acetone has been rising for several days. In the morning of the 23rd, Lihua yiweiyuan continued to rise by 600 yuan / ton, executing 8600 yuan / ton. From the crude oil surge continued to pull the pure benzene upward, from the raw material cost side of the phenol and ketone industry chain continued to release good, and the short-term good still exists.


The downstream epoxy resin market continued to run at a high level, with the market offer rising to 29000 yuan / ton, 2000-3000 yuan / ton after the festival, and the offer of solid epoxy resin was 22500-24000 yuan / ton. At present, factory orders are mainly delivered, and there is no spot in the market, so the delivery of goods needs to queue up. At present, the market is developing well, but with the coming of the new year, the logistics will have a greater impact, the circulation of goods will be the first, and the actual order situation will decline.


At present, the whole industry takes the lead in “rising” from the top to the bottom. According to the business community, the domestic market in February is still high, the market operators have sufficient confidence, and there are still rigid demand downstream of the high price. It is estimated that the market of BPA in East China will be 23500-24500 yuan / ton

Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)

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