Analysis of Styrene Market on January 22

On January 22, the overall styrene market fell. Crude oil was stable, pure benzene was closed, ethylene was weak, styrene cost support was acceptable, and styrene continued to reduce its position in the night market. This week, the import supply was obviously low, the port inventory accumulation was slow, the operation rate of domestic styrene rose, and the supply on site was good. On the downstream side, as the downstream plants gradually enter the production reduction or shutdown period in the last ten days of ABS, the demand for styrene shrinks again. EPS and PS need to be observed. Generally speaking, with the advent of seasonal off-season, the demand support of the three downstream plants is not strong. And according to market news, next week, the main port’s arrival volume is around 50000 tons, and the arrival volume is too much. If there is no closure and other accidents, the main port will accumulate again. It is expected that in the short term, the market will once again periodically suppress the profit of styrene production, and styrene may adjust in a weak way,


Today, the price of styrene in East China was lowered to 6800-6900 yuan / ton. The price is around 6300-6400 yuan / ton in Northeast China and 6900-7000 yuan / ton in South China.

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