Crude oil rose, gasoline and diesel prices rose first and then fell

On November 9, the international crude oil price rose sharply, driving the domestic gasoline and diesel prices to rise slightly. Later, due to the low enthusiasm of market procurement, gasoline and diesel prices fell again. According to the monitoring data of the business agency, the gasoline price on November 13 was 5212 yuan / ton, down 0.03% from the beginning of the week; on November 13, the price of diesel oil was 4628 yuan / ton, down 0.14% from the beginning of the week.


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Previously, Pfizer announced that its new crown vaccine had made a major breakthrough, and market optimism was high; Saudi Arabia’s energy minister said at the meeting on Monday that if OPEC + reached an agreement, the production reduction agreement might be adjusted, which also pushed up oil prices. In the later period, OPEC monthly report showed that it lowered the expectation of OPEC crude oil demand again; EIA sharply reduced the growth prospect of global oil demand in 2021 and other negative news, and international oil price in the later part of this week slightly reversed, with WTI crude oil price increasing by 8.05% and Brent crude oil price increasing by 8.44%.


In terms of gasoline demand, the weather turned cold and the number of car trips increased slightly, which had a certain supporting effect on the demand of gasoline market. However, on November 6, the price of domestic refined oil was adjusted and the wholesale and retail price of gasoline was reduced, and the enthusiasm of purchasing in the terminal market was not high. In terms of diesel demand, the domestic weather was getting colder, and the outdoor diesel demand for road engineering and infrastructure gradually entered the downward track, but it was not international The price of oil went up, and the price performance of diesel oil market was relatively strong.


As of November 13, the average start-up load of the daily decompression unit was about 75%, and the start-up load of the refinery remained at a high level, and the domestic refined oil supply was sufficient.


Lu Xingjun, an oil product analyst at the business club, believes that: the international crude oil price has skyrocketed, but it is still on the front line of $40 / barrel, and there is no sign of improvement in the foreign epidemic situation. The international crude oil market lacks the support of good news. In the short term, the international crude oil will continue to be under pressure, and the domestic demand for refined oil will be short of favorable support. It is expected that the domestic oil product price will be stable and small in the short term.

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