China’s domestic bromine market has been running slightly and steadily this week (1.13-1.17)

1、 Price data:


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According to the data monitoring of the business club’s bulk list, this week’s domestic bromine market was weak and stable, with weak market supply and demand. The average price of bromine remained at about 30444 yuan / ton, down 12.39% from the same period last year.


2、 Cause analysis


Products: at present, most bromine production enterprises in China have entered the parking period. The industry is in a low negative operation as a whole, and the spot market supply is tight. Near the Spring Festival holiday, the market is soft in trading and investment, the overall market supply and demand are weak, and the price is stable. At present, the enterprise’s quotation is maintained between 29500-31000 yuan / ton.


Industry chain: the downstream flame retardant market is close to the Spring Festival, the market is slightly depressed, and the trading atmosphere in the industry is flat; the pharmaceutical and agricultural intermediates and other industries are on the low side, and the overall impact on bromine price is negative.


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3、 Future forecast


According to the bromine industry analysts of business association, near the Spring Festival holiday, the overall supply and demand of bromine chemical industry in China are weak, and some downstream enterprises rely on imported bromine to maintain production. At present, the price trend is relatively stable, and it is expected that the bromine price will maintain stable operation in the short term.

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