Antimony ingot market price is stable this week (11.11-11.15)

I. price trend

This week (11.11-11.15), the price of 1 × antimony ingot in China was stable, and the domestic market price was 42000 yuan / ton.


On November 9, the antimony commodity index was 58.47, unchanged from yesterday, down 42.86% from 102.32 (2012-10-16), the highest point in the cycle, and up 24.46% from 46.98, the lowest point on December 24, 2015. (Note: cycle refers to 2012-09-08 to now).


II. Market analysis


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Upstream and downstream: antimony oxide remained stable with the trend of antimony ingot on Wednesday, and the transaction was light. As of Friday, the average price of antimony trioxide was 99.5% at 37000 yuan / ton and 99.8% at 39250 yuan / ton.


Domestic market: this week’s antimony ingot Market is weak and consolidated, with limited market trading and low turnover. The downstream wait-and-see mood is strong. However, affected by the market atmosphere, most of them remain wait-and-see, with low purchase intention and seasonal downturn. As of Friday, the average price of 2 × low bismuth antimony ingots is 41000 yuan / ton, 1 × antimony ingots is 41500 yuan / ton, 0 × antimony ingots is 42500 yuan / ton, and 2 × high bismuth antimony ingots is 39000 yuan / ton. The willingness of most large factories to hold up their prices is still strong. Most enterprises hold up their prices, and some small factories loose their prices, mainly to reduce the financial pressure.


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Nonferrous Industry: this week’s data in Europe and the United States was lower than expected, the U.S. dollar index was high and volatile, and basic metals fell across the board under the pressure of short return.


III. future prospects


Next week, the US data is expected to be moderate, and the US dollar is expected to fall back at a high level. The domestic metal market will attract long-term delivery of spot goods. Under the condition of loose capital, support for base metal repair fell sharply this week, and some metal items that can be supported by the fundamentals are expected to recover. The spot antimony market is expected to wait and see next week.

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