Antimony ingot market price continues to rise this week (10.14-10.18)

I. price trend


This week (10.14-10.18) the price of 1 × antimony ingot in China rose. The average price of domestic market at the beginning of the week was 40750 yuan / ton, while the average price at the end of the week was 42000 yuan / ton, up 3.07%.


On October 19, the antimony commodity index was 58.47, unchanged from yesterday, down 42.86% from 102.32 (2012-10-16), the highest point in the cycle, and up 24.46% from 46.98, the lowest point on December 24, 2015. (Note: cycle refers to 2012-09-08 to now).


II. Market analysis


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Upstream and downstream: the price of antimony oxide rose with the trend of antimony ingot on Wednesday, and the transaction was limited. As of Friday, the average price of antimony trioxide was 99.5% at 36500 yuan / ton and 99.8% at 38500 yuan / ton.


Domestic market: this week’s antimony ingot market continues the trend of last week’s rising trend. Due to the firm firm price information of major domestic manufacturers, the price of this week has increased significantly. As of Friday, the average price of 2 × low bismuth antimony ingots is 41000 yuan / ton, 1 × antimony ingots is 41500 yuan / ton, 0 × antimony ingots is 42500 yuan / ton, and the average price of 2 × high bismuth antimony ingots is 39000 yuan / ton. 2. The increase of high bismuth antimony ingot is 2000 yuan / ton, and that of other models is 2500 yuan / ton. At the end of the third quarter, we will enter the traditional peak season of the fourth quarter. The downstream stock is more active. The overall transaction of the market is good. Some traders are reluctant to sell, and the overall market atmosphere is good.


Nonferrous Industry: market sentiment was mixed this week. At the beginning of this week, China and the United States reached an agreement on the framework of trade negotiations. The process of brexit was accelerated, the market performance was good, and basic metals generally stabilized in a high range of shocks. However, with the release of global economic data in succession, the trend of global economic downturn made the basic metals one after another spit out the weekly gains, showing a high pressure situation.

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III. future prospects


Next week, European and American economic data are still relatively concentrated, and it is expected to remain weak. The US dollar is in low-level consolidation, which may support the basic metals. There are long orders delivered in the domestic trade market. Due to the upgrade of value-added tax tickets, the spot performance may be strong. Most of the basic metals will maintain the range shock pattern, and it is temporarily difficult to breed the ability and space for a major breakthrough. In terms of antimony ingot, the market confidence will continue to recover under the influence of the overall good performance of the market and obvious firm price sentiment of manufacturers, and the firm price may continue for some time.

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